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IceBreaker is trying to revolutionise the somewhat lacklustre appeal of current online dating websites with a super simple approach. They call it ‘crushing’ and ‘flushing’. After you’ve setup a profile, and tagged it with various attributes (‘surfer’, ‘ninja’, etc), you’re free to browse and search for other members. If you find someone you like, you can ‘crush’ that person. If you don’t like them, just hit ‘flush’.

The genius comes when two members reciprocate the ‘crush’; this is known as a ‘mutual crush’. Both members are notified of this situation and are able to exchange messages with each other. But don’t worry, Crush or Flush will never give out your personal email or mobile phone.

The best part is that Crush or Flush works on both Mac + PC and even supports all mobile phones (via SMS). Neat stuff! What are you waiting for, meet people the Crush or Flush way today!


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